Celexon Expert Wireless HDMI-set WHD30M - 4K

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Celexon Expert Wireless HDMI-set WHD30M - 4K Celexon Expert Wireless HDMI-set WHD30M - 4K Celexon Expert Wireless HDMI-set WHD30M - 4K
With the new wireless HDMI set WHD30M - 4K from celexon, you can transfer image and sound from the player to your projector or display without the hassle of wiring.

As one of the few radio systems on the market, the WHD30M - 4K enables a resolution of UHD (3840x2160).

The set does not compress the picture and sound of your input signal, but sends it natively and without delay to the receiver.

The big advantage especially for companies or public areas is that the user does not have to install any software to use the transmitter. Simply connect HDMI & USB and the transfer begins. Sender and receiver are paired by themselves.

Also, no WLAN passwords have to be exchanged, the WHD30M - 4K works completely independently on 60GHZ and never disturbs your existing WLAN networks. Transmitter & receiver come with USB charging adapter, but can also be supplied with 5V voltage on any USB port. Most projectors and displays have USB ports, as do laptops or other playback devices. This even eliminates the power cabling to the socket, simply connect the transmitter and receiver directly to the device.

Due to the small size, 90 x 56 x 12mm (LxWxH) (transmitter and receiver), the device is hardly noticeable.
- Supports resolutions from VGA, WUXGA to UHD (3840x2160)
- TV formats 480i / 576i to UHD
- 3D video supports up to 1080p / 720p
- WiHD 1.1 compatible
- Compatible with HDMI 1.4b, HDCP 2.2
- Supports Dolby True HD, DTS-HD Master Audio and LPCM digital audio streams up to 7.1 channels (HBR)
- Uncompressed high definition audio / video data transmission
- Almost no latency
- Wireless A / V transmission up to 30m (60GHZ) within one room
- Multiple receivers possible on one transmitter (switchable)
- Multiple transmitters possible on one receiver (switchable)
- Supports CEC commands
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