BVS-AC460/R5 AV Stumpfl Vario 32 AP 460x270

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AV Stumpfl Vario AV Stumpfl Vario AV Stumpfl Vario

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Multi-piece aluminum frame, plug-in system (32 x 32-mm profile), incl. 1 pair of T-legs
and thumb screws for connecting frame and leg, softbag with wheels. Elastic screen
material incl. 5 cm reinforced black border and snap fasteners incl. bag, attachment of
screen material to frame by means of snap fasteners.
Front projection screen material Flex White CI - 100% light-tight, cleanable, flame
Gain factor: 1.02, viewing angle: +/- 50°
Rear projection screen material - Flex Rear CI or Flex Rear MO - cleanable, flame
Gain factor: 1.18 or 2.25, viewing angle: +/- 45°
Size of projection area (image dimensions):
450 x 260 cm, W x H
Frame size (outer dimensions):
460 x 270 cm, W x H
Manufacturer: AV Stumpfl
Type: Vario 32
- Multi-piece aluminum frame
- Screen material incl. 5 cm wide black reinforced border and snap fasteners
- 1 pair of T-legs
- Thumb screws in yellow bag
- Bag for projection screen in black
- Softbag with wheels
- Manual
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