Price: 2538.00
Details & Specifications:
Peak Power 2000W
Power max. 1000W
Power rms 800W
Frequency response 30-250Hz
Crossover frequency 50-250Hz
SPL @ 1W/1m 97dB
SPL max 130dB
Woofer 18" (4" coil / 125 oz)
Dimensions 655 x 585 x 605mm
Weight 53.8kg

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The PD-3 series is a series of high-quality professional sound reinforcement speaker cabinets with high efficiency and a wide and smooth frequency response at any listening position (short and medium distances). PD-3-series speakers are ideal for a wide range of applications, such as disco, cinema, club, cafe, restaurant, sport facilities and other entertainment. Simply put, PD-3 Series loudspeakers deliver unmatched power and unparalleled sound quality and user-friendly. They are an extremely cost-effective solution for professional applications

This 18" powered subwoofer has a music power of 1000W and produces a sound pressure of 130dB. The crossover ensures that the highs are offered to the satellite speakers. No annoying resonances at high power. With phase control, sub level-controller, ground lift and connection to a second amplifier.
- 1000W active subwoofer 18"
- XLR balanced input
- Loop through for connection to second amp.
- High Pass output for connection to satellite speakers
- Sub level controller
- Phase control (0 - 180°)
- Crossover 120Hz
- Ground Lift
- Supplied per piece
178915 Power Dynamics PD-318SA
Active Subwoofer 18"
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